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  Xinjiang uygur pharmaceutical co., LTD., by the people f pharmaceutical group co., LTD and uygur medicine hospital of the xinjiang uygur autonomous region was jointly created in 2001. Company is located in urumqi economic and technological development zone shenyang street no. 2, covers an area of 60 mu, building area of 30000 square meters, has eight modern production line, the dimension of medicine industrial park phase ii project completion in December 30, 2013, a total investment of 120 million yuan, in February 2014 by the new GMP certification and formally put into production. Companies get improved pharmaceutical production capacity, quality management level increased significantly, key equipment has reached the international leading level, is a collection of planting, research and development, production and sales in one dimension of leading enterprises.

  Company has the multidimensional medicine resources, including granule, capsule, tablet, tincture, liniment, Fried cream, syrup, eight formulations including tea agent 20 characters kind products, all for the Uighur medicine, is the investment in the d drug development, formulation of the most complete of uygur medicine production enterprises. In the company's products are 12 national exclusive varieties, 4 Chinese medicine protection varieties, seven varieties of national health insurance directory, 14 species were listed in the xinjiang uygur autonomous region where health insurance directory, all varieties in a new farmers health insurance directory.

mg游戏官网  Company existing staff 600 people, is by the han, uygur, hui, the kazak and so on more than 10 ethnic groups of the national enterprises, the ethnic minorities accounted for one third of the total number of employees, at the same time the company is very pay attention to the development of ethnic minority staff ability, professional system of professional training of ethnic minority workers and job skills training, has a number of minority employees as important leadership positions, all national staff in harmony, learn from each other, make progress together.

  Company has obtained "autonomous regional high and new technology enterprise", "growth in xinjiang, China's most growth force three top ten enterprises", "excellent achievements transformation project award", "famous product of jiangsu sluggish Su Runjiang capsule", "national guard the heavy reputation of contract" and other honorary awards, the company brand has won the honorary title of national well-known trademarks.

  The tianshan mountains, the wei kunlun. Magical xiyu spawned a Uighur medicine this national team. Xinjiang uygur pharmaceutical co., LTD. Believe that through our efforts, will be able to revitalize, mysterious ancient uygur medicine vitality, become a shinning pearl of the Chinese traditional medicine.