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Western wei tianshan, mysterious, gave birth to a boom in uygur nationality, also gave birth to an old magic Uighur medicine. Ancient western regions is an important part of the silk road, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and Greece medicine, Arab and Indian medical world folk medicine in the converged communication, mutual penetration, gradually produced upholds the uygur medicine of bright color.

Silk road promoted the western regions and the central plains, Persia, western trade, the western medicine trade frequently. Since the cold-induced febride, more and more western real estate medicinal materials in all previous dynasties Chinese medicine herbal works, reflect the ancient d medical communication with the central plains. Silk road the uygur medicine combines the wisdom of the multi-ethnic essence, become a unique national treasure, in today's still showing strong vitality. As an independent and complete system of medicine, uygur medicine is increasingly towards modernization, make greater contributions for the benefit of human health.

What is the uygur medicine?

Uygur medicine theory is inherent in the xinjiang uygur nation rich in culture and traditional medicine, on the basis of absorption in 2500 years of traditional Chinese medicine and the essence of the ancient Greek medical, Arab and Indian medical, fight disease continuously and gradually formed over a long period of time have their own unique theoretical system of nationality medicine, also is the important component of Chinese medicine, has a wealth of practical experience and theoretical content.

When is the birth of uygur?

According to archaeological discoveries, the western uyghur region in the 5th century BC, there are early germination activity of medicine. Uyghur ancestors have will use some treatment methods, such as water immersion, hot fry wheat skin wrapped in leaves, herbal water shower, massage, roast burning, bleeding, bone, and the method of embalming. The 4th century BC, uygur medicine -- the ancestors of the tarim basin in xinjiang famous pharmacologist HaZi righteousness, system compiled "YaoShu HaZi and righteousness", marks the birth of Uighur medicine.

What is the major theory in uygur? What is specific content?

Uygur medicine with four material theory, the theory of fluid as the core theory, at the same time and temperament theory, strength, quality, and organ and other theories together constitute the complete system of Uighur medical theory, has a wealth of practical experience and theoretical content.

Why said fluid theories the most characteristic in uygur medicine theory?

Uygur medicine thinks, the human body on the basis of all kinds of food, by the liver produces bile, blood mass, phlegmatic, black bile quality, and the four kinds of fluids; Fluid consumption and supplementary continuously in the life activities, maintain relative balance state, the human physiological health; Abnormal fluid balance, the human body will get sick. Fluid theory is not only an important theory of uygur medicine, also is directly for the treatment of various diseases, such as for a wide variety of fluid abnormalities in d medicine representative prescription "Mooney transcribing the" mature (fluid), highlights the theory of fluid in the clinical widely. Fluid theory is a pearl on the pyramid uygur medicine theory, according to the theory of the corresponding clinical drug development, has been more and more interest with the scholars.

The development of uygur, boom when is respectively, and the performance?

The silk road opened up, strengthened the contact of the western regions and the central plains, uygur medicine more frequent communication with other medicine. After the 9th century, the western regions famous scientists, medical ferrari than (A.D. 870-950) founded the theory of the four substances of uygur, the author of "on nature", "on the human body to learn", the function of the organ, the theory of natural objects in the hot, cold, wet, dry, such as a number of medical theory, classic system this paper discusses the relation between nature and human physiology, pathology, and marked the maturity of uygur medicine.

Uygur and communication and influence of traditional Chinese medicine?

After the western regions of the silk road opened, uygur medicine and traditional Chinese medicine has been communicate with each other and influence each other. Xu multi-dimensional medical herbs used by TCM, d medical prescription and process of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) by absorbing, uygur medicine results through literature communication and sharing of traditional Chinese medicine. 7, uygur and other medical communication and influence in the world? Uygur medicine through the silk road and central Asia, west Asia, southeast Asia and other countries medical communication. D d not only influenced by the ancient Greek, Arab, Indian medical, at the same time also have influence on the world medicine. Especially in the Muslim region, Uighur medicine with high awareness, attention, some uygur monograph is still used as teaching materials in foreign countries; D more abroad, favored by the neighboring countries people.

The cure mechanism of uygur?

Uygur and Chinese medicine treatment mechanism is different is that when there are abnormal humoral, d medicine to put these abnormal fluid mature, then it out, the body can restore vital qi. Flux hysteresis Su Runjiang capsule of colchicine and on the west safflower play the role of mature abnormal humoral, senna, box of fruit cane and company card ammonia fat have the effect of eliminate abnormal body fluids, myrobalan meat and paddan benevolence have the effect of restoring the body.

The characteristics of vascular medicine?

Uygur medicine (hereinafter referred to as the "d"), is based on the theory of uygur by long history national medicine and become a treasure. D medicine with unique medicinal materials, unique characteristics and unique efficacy of three characteristics. Due to its special historical position in the silk road, connotation is rich, the curative effect is distinct, is seen as a precious ethnic minority cultural heritage, to protect and explore. Uygur medicine especially in the traditional medicine processing skills, "Mooney transcribing the" application of the doctrine of body fluids, food therapy, etc., for the high attention from the outside. The original principle and technology of medicine, is a national medical treasures, has been approved for the third batch of national intangible cultural heritage.

In the uygur medicine drug ingredients of the medicinal and respectively?

In the uygur medicine medicinal properties, means the drug in the body after the different reflection of drug properties and efficacy. Sexual medicine according to the quantity of drugs can be divided into: hot, cold, wet sexual medicine medicine,, hot and dry, dry and sexual medicine medicine, raw medicine, dry cold medicine. Ingredients is one of the drug itself has to make the lingual get some characteristics of the sense of taste. It is generally divided into nine kinds, namely strong taste, bitter taste, salty, sour, bitter, astringent, oil taste, sweetness and light.

Correction in uygur medicine medicine, medicine?

Corrective medicine, refers to some kind of medicine to certain organs disease has significant curative effect, but the adverse impact on another organ, even harmful, match with other drugs to eliminate or correct the adverse reactions of medication method. Gastrointestinal adverse reactions such as senna a correction can be used on the west safflower. Succedaneum, refers to some kind of medicine shortage, to, tastes, functions and other attending similar to replace the use of drugs, to guarantee basic guarantee or medication regimens for the treatment of smoothly. Such as paddan almond is not available, can be used instead of pinus tabulaeformis. Correction medicine, succedanea but not proven by practice, and has a certain regularity. Uygur to according to have a correction of the vast majority of drugs developed medicine, drug use.

Why the uygur medicine has quick effect, curative effect good?

Especially southern xinjiang xinjiang region due to wind, cold, drought and lack of oxygen, strong ultraviolet radiation, the influence of such factors as climate, complex distribution of plant and animal medicinal materials in this region, a unique and potent medicinal ingredients. For example, the xinjiang southern xinjiang is rich in essential oil, rose particularly good quality; Xinjiang snow lotus, velvet antler apocynum is reputation. The Uighur people in order to adapt to this relatively harsh environment, achieve the purpose of prevention and cure, formation of uygur medicine are highly targeted, work fast. Uygur medicine chooses herbs are authentic medicinal materials, and rare medicinal herbs, powerful efficacy of ability. Uygur medicine according to the medicine dry, hot, cold, wet medicinal properties such as compatibility, unique formula, bold, the disease often have the effect of the problem.

Why the Uighur medicine received extensive attention of experts on international?

Uygur medicine during its 2500 years of development, and ancient India, Greece, and the Arab medicine absorbs the essence from each other, common development and common progress, for human made important contributions to thrive. Uygur medicine has more than 2000 prescriptions, system integrity and relatively independent. The attention to inheriting one thousand uygur medicine, is the need of modern society the pursuit of natural health, also in other parts of the history, culture, people have studied medicine development important way. Now, in Russia, Turkey, Pakistan and other countries also have a specialized study of Uighur medicine. Japan, South Korea, Russia, the United States, France, Germany and other places, a lot of influential papers published and useful insights, and in their respective fields have been put into deeper research.