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dispelling cold herb tea

Ingredients :

cardamom The valerian anise fruit cinnamon amomum cinnamon Galangal piper Ba cloves dill Celery seed gardenia

mg游戏官网Functional indications :

Mediation is cold sex temperament, nourishing the stomach, to feed, the great god Used for raw caused by indigestion, joint bone pain, waist and leg pain, headache weakness such as god

mg游戏官网Specifications :

Each containing 5 g; Each containing 100 g

Usage and dosage :

Oral; A 5 g, 3 ~ 5 times a day after mixed with tea, brew boiled water bubble or temperature heat to boil for a moment, even served more than 30 days

mg游戏官网Approval number :

Z65020178 approved by the state
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